Dr. Nikhitha Reddy

Dr. Nikhitha Reddy
Dr. Nikhitha Reddy

Dr. Nikitha Reddy, a Parasitology Specialist at Blue Ridge Hospital, holds a Masters of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc) degree from Hyderabad. With her specialization in Parasitology, she brings valuable expertise to our team.

As one of the experienced vets at Blue Ridge, Dr. Nikitha loves her work here because it allows her to witness new cases every day. She has been warmly accepted into the Blue Ridge family and values the positive work environment.

Blue Ridge provides an excellent balance between personal and professional life, a place where Dr. Nikitha can pursue her passion for animals. Being a pet lover herself, she understands the therapeutic value that pets bring to our lives.

With her dedication and love for animals, Dr. Nikitha contributes to the well-being of our furry patients while cherishing her own pet’s companionship.



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