Dr Noufera Fathima

Dr Noufera Fathima
Dr Noufera Fathima

Dr. Noufera, a dedicated General Practitioner at Blue Ridge Hospital, joined our team in March 2023. She holds a BVSc & AH degree from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Her journey into veterinary care was inspired by her mother’s deep affection for cats, and she’s dedicated to providing the utmost care to our furry patients.

A true animal enthusiast, Dr. Noufera’s love for creatures knows no bounds. Each patient that crosses her path receives the utmost care and attention, a testament to her profound connection with animals.

Beyond her professional calling, she finds solace in gardening, finds joy in cooking, and loses herself in the melodies of her favorite tunes. With Dr. Noufera’s arrival, Blue Ridge gains not only a skilled veterinarian but also a caring soul devoted to the well-being of all animals. Her journey shapes her into a compassionate advocate for creatures both big and small.



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